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I offer audio editing and production of Sermons, Podcasts, Commercials, Bumpers, Demo Mastering, Custom Music  for Theaters and Theatrical Productions. I can also assist Churches in setting up their facility to record their sermons  digitally. I also offer musician services for churches and other Christian related events. If you are short a musician for  your praise and worship team or event I can provide Rythym Guitar, Bass or Keyboards to fill in when needed. I also  offer web design and domain hosting. Please e-mail for a quote. 
Following Jesus is my passion. The music I create and play either encourages others to join to music worship or  glorifies God directly by singing to Him, loving and thanking Him for all that He has done. Although we, as christians,  use music to worship God it is just a small part of what worship is. True worship is a lifestyle that let’s God direct your  path. Worship is doing things for others instead of your self, serving your spouse and loving them, seeing needs  around you and asking God what you can do to help hurting people. Accepting Jesus as your  saviour, letting Him transform you in to a new creation and following Him brings your life as  whole in to worship. We so often associate worship with just the singing of songs but true  worship is so much more.   At RjjR Music I use music to convey a message of love and hope, creating music with the  positive message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I use differing styles from comtemporary to  jazz. Nothing is more important in my music than making sure what lyrics written is scripturally  based and all the music is played from my heart in worship for the glory of God. The Bible is  filled with passages where God was praised using music. Music affects us in many ways so I  strive to insure that my music is uplifting and life affirming. Using my musical gifts is just one  way I praise the Lord.   Please explorer the site. If you have any questions about some of the projects I’m doing or  any of the bands or places that I play please e-mail me. The calander page will list everywhere I am playing for the  current month. On my blog, I review different things, not all related to music, but different items I come in contact  with, have used or are using. Hopefully you will find the reviews helpful. For gear heads like myself I have a page on  what equipment I use and why.